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Buy that Big Home You Want with a Jumbo Loan


A bigger home needs a bigger loan. When you need a large mortgage, conforming home loans are sometimes not enough. If you’re looking to borrow a home loan that goes above the conventional loan limits, turn to Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. for jumbo loans.

Jumbo Loan Benefits


Although a jumbo loan typically requires a higher credit score and down payment, it has a couple of advantages. This loan, for starters, does not require you to have private mortgage insurance. You also get to enjoy the flexibility of going for a 15- or 30-year jumbo loan at a fixed or adjustable rate.

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Down Payment                            20% of the final loan amount


Terms                                            15, 30 years, fixed and ARMs


Credit Score                                   700 minimum


Mortgage Insurance                     No


Maximum Loan Amount             $2.5 million

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